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I’m a Management Star-Maker. I am here to help you take your leadership ability and skill as a leader to star-power status. I can give you the gameplan the best managers use to build a 5-star team, result, and reputation.

What worked yesterday is totally obsolete in this new world of hyper-connectivity and collaborative consumption.

If your skills do not outshine all the noise of distrust in your marketplace and with your team you will lose big. Technology is infinitely better today but in many ways, it has made our ability to connect with humanity even more challenging.

If you are like most managers and marketers your skills have not kept up with the speed of the new tech economy.

These are the problems we solve.


Who It’s For

You want to be a high-performance leader or manager in you field? Then you are in the right place. You must have true star power in this new low-trust economy if you want real commitment from your team and sustained engagement

Our unique business and management consulting approach will show you how to grow good people who grow good people…on purpose.

There’s one more thing. You also must be an effective marketer to your ideal customer. Every member of your team is a key component of your marketing effort. You must have the ability to grow good people who grow good people who attract good business.

Great external marketing starts with powerful internal messaging to build a 5-star reputation. I will give you a proven marketing strategy that will build your 5-star reputation in the marketplace to reflect the performance of your newly improved 5-star team.


Why This Now

You can’t do it by yourself and the window of opportunity is narrowing. You need more customers now and a competent, laser-focused team prepared to serve with speed and effectiveness. The problem is neither

This disconnect between top-down controls and a more elusive customer has created a new tension in most businesses. It requires more effective communication skills of managers with their teams in order to match the speed of technology.

To make matters worse technology has made the boundaries between your internal operations and what your customers see and experience completely porous. In short, how you manage internally becomes instantly necked to the world. Today every mistake you make as a manager immediately becomes part of your external reputation

Your management practices today have become a key part of your marketing story to the world whether you meant it or not. In order to satisfy the accelerated demands of the customer, you must develop real star-power with your team so that they will give your business a 5-star reputation with your ideal customer.


Why It Works

All the rules of running a successful business have changed. We have paid the price to know what your employees, and your best customers need now. In this new media economy of collaborative consumption and low trust

Trust me, we will redefine celebrity status for you as well. Then we will show you the way. Just being good at what you do is not enough anymore.

Everyone wants to follow a star. A guiding light out of the fog. It’s in our DNA to follow the brightest light and the most authoritative voice available. Great leaders and strong brands know this. You will want to be this. You will become the leader that brightens the room when you enter verse brighten the room when you leave.

This website, my podcast, and our training programs will show you how to be the brightest light in the room with a voice that finally cuts through in this new age of collaborative consumption.


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Why Your Brand Needs Star-Power Now
Why Business Leaders & Managers Need Star-Power Now

The #1 Tool Of Management Abused Most By Managers

February 16th, 2017|0 Comments

The Spoken Word is the single most powerful tool for any managers or leader. Words allow your employees visualize how good they will feel and what they will gain when they met the company’s expectations. It is the story they play in their heads over and over again while they work. One word or phase can start their story to play in their head.

Managers Need To Embrace Spoken Word Mastery As A Priority

The 3 Game-Changing Benefits Of Self-Management

February 16th, 2017|0 Comments

They transform the three core metrics of performance of your team called ACE, Attitude, Capability and Effort. Unfortunately, most managers who struggle with their teams don’t have a game plan on how to improve attitudes, increase capability or encourage commitment effort within their teams. If that sounds like your situation you then you are in the right place. I will show you how the best managers to turn it all around.

The Power Of The Boss's Words On Attitude, Capability, and Effort

The Secret Formula Top Managers Used to Build Awesome Teams

February 16th, 2017|0 Comments

By combining the 3 core metrics of performance, I call ACE, with the five key drivers I will share with you, any manager will be in the position to achieve their top responsibly as the leader with relative ease. The three main responsibilities of every manager are the 3R’s, Reach, Results and Retention. You will be able to achieve these responsibilities is with greater ease just by following the following the best managers use to develop awesome teams.

Here’s the secret formula… S (1/1+F+C+D)=(ACE) X 3R
Let me explain.

The Five Most Powerful DriversPeak Performance Revealed

The Best Way To Communicate With Your Team For Results

February 16th, 2017|0 Comments

What to be a better communicator with your team? If you are a CEO, senior manager, front-line manager at any stage, or just getting started this will be great insight. If you want to really get through to your team I will show you how the best managers get it done.

Zemira Jones here…

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KarynEsken Zemira helped me develop the unique ability to effectively communication across all personality types on my team. Gaining this knowledge is worth the consulting fee alone. The time I worked with Zemira he had a bigger impact on my professional and personal career than any other coaching experience.

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KarynEsken I would highly recommend Zemira as a management consultant. There are three major benefits about being coached by Zemira? Smart, he knows what you need right away. Experienced, what he teaches is proven to work.

Full 10 Module Management Course

KarynEsken I learned how to instill confidence in my team. I became more successful than I ever thought possible.That’s what Zemira did for me.I have earned more money than I ever expected, and I am confident in myself as both a sales professional and an executive leader.