Create A 5-STAR Business Reputation NOW

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    Smart businesses start with reputation marketing.  Let me explain to you the four game changers that are changing the entire landscape of business.  The ones that understand these four game changers are literally crushing it when it comes to getting new customers.

    Game Changer #1;

    80 million Google+ pages merge with each company’s website and reveals the company’s reputation to their customers.  Believe it or not, you can search for any company name and plus the city and it reveals their reputation.

    Game Changer 2;

    and that was a big game changer, wasn’t it?  Well, it gets even bigger because businesses have reviews.  They have to have reviews to compete online.  Why?  Because reviews are part of every online marketing.

    Game Changer 3

    is SEO, social media, pay per click and local marketing – all these strategies don’t work and they’re not effective anymore if you’re not monitoring and you get a bad review.

    Game Changer 4  reviews give you pre-qualified pre-sold leads because buyers trust reviews as much as family and personal recommendations.