You can’t do it by yourself and the window of opportunity is narrowing. You need more customers now and a competent, laser-focused team prepared to serve with speed and effectiveness. The problem is neither your customer nor your employees are focused. Both suffer from too much information and too little time to absorb it. 


They bother are starved for time, suffer from attention efficient disorder and the lowest levels of trust in authority and brands ever witnessed in human history. This is a tonic brew.

This is only one piece of the story. A estimated 50 Billion devices competing for your people’s attention by 2020.

Microscopic attention spans and an explosion of data and product choice make both managing your team and serving your customers harder than ever, and it will get much worse in the next few years. The internet is just one example of the noise. Global internet traffic is already blinding but will increase nearly three fold over the next 5 years.

 This is only one piece of the story.

If you do not act now the last opportunity for competitive advantage may be lost for you as an effective leader. Only leaders and companies with the power to attract, influence and lead in noisy environments will thrive in today’s workplace and marketplace.

The kind of Star-Power I am talking about is not the celebrity glitz of Hollywood. I am talking about the power to brighten the path of your direct reports, at well, as a skilled manager and leader. The power to build such a powerful team that it radiates into the marketplace and draws customers to you with consistency. Sounds out of reach for some but I can show you how the best managers do just that.

Skilled managers are doing this right now. You can too with the right skill-set for these demanding times. There is a common formula these great managers and marketers use to thrive in fast moving water. That’s why I’m here.

I know what to do…