All the rules of running a successful business have changed. We have paid the price to know what your employees, and your best customers need now. In this new media economy of collaborative consumption and low trust we will show you how to gain celebrity status with your customer and real influence with your team.


Trust me, we will redefine celebrity status for you as well. Then we will show you the way. Just being good at what you do is not enough anymore.

Everyone wants to follow a star. A guiding light out of the fog.

It’s in our DNA to follow the brightest light and the most authoritative voice available. Great leaders and strong brands know this. You will want to be this strong voice. A voice that know exactly how to talk to every member of your team to gain high performance attitudes, capability and effort. You will become the leader that brightens the room when you enter verse brighten the room when you leave.

This website, my podcast, and our training programs will show you how to be the brightest light in the room with a voice that finally cuts through in this new age of collaborative consumption.