I’m a Star-Maker. I am here to take your talent as a leader, skill as a manager, and your brand potential and make sure you become what you were gifted to be…brilliant. I will give you the 3 keys to becoming the Star Manager or Marketer you always wanted.

The truth is in today’s marketplace you must be both , a skilled manager and marketer.

As a leader, you and every manager that reports to you must be a skilled manager and/or marketer of a internal and external message that resonates.

When you enter the room of your team do you brighten the room as you enter or when you leave? Does your brand brighten your customer’s day or remain invisible? If the answer to either question is no, then “Houston we have a problem”.

That is what a star does. A star brightens everything around it. It does not need or seek light for itself. It is a provider of light. To succeed today you, your team and your brand must brighten every room they enter. Whether the room is filled with employees, customers or clients, the fervent need for an illumination message is the key to thriving. Without star-power, mere survival is your best case outcome.

I will show you how to transform your mission, your message, your expertise into star-power status. You will know how to brighten the room of those that truly need you, even if you never thought stardom in your industry or business niche was within your reach.

This isn’t about ego or fame, it’s about cutting through to the deepest desires and potential of the people and the customers you depend on for your success. I will show you how to expand your tribe and the commitment of your team.

How to radiant a level of leadership that brightens every room you enter verses every room you leave. You probably know of so-called leaders that do the latter, but you won’t be one of them.

You will be able to soften the hearts and harden the resolve of your direct reports and the connection to your ideal customer deeper than ever before. Soon your management skill and message will become the one that is received and believed by everyone that counts.

Yes, my mission is about effective management and marketing in a world racing to singularity with its hair on fire. There are new rules for the two most important pillars of a thriving business, management and marketing. If you are like most businesses, at least, one of these two plates isn’t spinning like it should. Usually, it’s both. In today’s marketplace of hyper-transparency, your external brand-power is no stronger than your internal leadership power.

When you think about the result of your current skill level as a manager and marketer does your star shine brightly? Or does every room you enter get dimmer by the second?

We solve that problem.