How To Start 2017 Off Right With Their Employees

How You Speak To Your Team Determines How Well You Lead.

Got a team that has low moral or suffers from internal battles? Battles you would like to end? When teams experience prolonged conflict it is usually a sign of victimhood.
Is your team pledged with a victimhood mentality where victimization is out of control? Where one or more of your team members sees themselves as a victim all the time? Well, there is a remedy for some of these symptoms. Victims suffer from a vitamin A deficiency- It’s called the lack of Acknowledgment.
Open your meetings with “ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS”, have each member make voluntary acknowledgments of someone else on the team. If you stick with it, you will see a shift from complaints, criticism, victimization and victimhood to Appreciation. Replace your “what I did great for the company” language to language appreciation for “what someone else did that was great for me” language. When you do start speaking this way it refocuses your team on results versus complaints.
Victim language is cancer that grows within your organization and must be radiated with vitamin A.
Now your team is ready to focus on intentions, goals, and the effective outcomes. They will begin to see opportunities together they did not see moments before.
There are so many benefits of vitamin A (Appreciation) in your workplace. A kernel of team spirit and morale bump for starters. Increased productivity too if you keep at it. Reduced absenteeism and increase creativity will also be in your future. Improve problem-solving ability, Reduced turnover, increased idea sharing have also been realized with this injection.
The power of life and death are in the words you speak to your team.