The Five Most Powerful Drivers Peak Performance Revealed 

By combining the 3 core metrics of performance that impact ACE, attitude, capability, and effort with the five key drivers of performance any manager will be in a position to achieve their top responsibly as a leader with relative ease. These three responsibilities of every manager are the 3R’s, Reach, Results and Retention. The five drivers a listed below.

Every manager is responsible for three things, Reach, Results, and Retention. You, as the manager, must reach your employees with engaging communication to maximize performance. You must ensure their performance is converted into results for the company and do it in a way that retains those results and the people that produced them because turnover is very expensive.

The question is, how do you achieve these three R’s on with certainty and consistency?

The answer? The 3 R’s are achieved by the best managers by using FIVE key strategies together. when your commit to them together you will experience a peak ACE culture.

These are the five most powerful tools to achieve the 3R’s, as a manager and enjoy the spoils of peak attitude, capability, and commitment effort from your team.

Here’s the secret formula…          S (1/1+F+C+D)=(ACE) X 3R

Story X [ 1-ON-1+ Feedback +Coaching+ Delegation] = (ACE) X 3R

Let me explain…

The Five Most Powerful  DriversPeak Performance Revealed 



First, make sure your company has a compiling story that answers the question “Why You Exist”.

I call this your Performance Story. It is the catalyst that attracts your team and your customers alike to your company, product or service. Your performance story becomes the road map that guides each of your employees towards their own personal goals.  Your employees work for fours things and money doesn’t make the list, money just keeps score. The all important drivers for every one your your people are Pride, Joy, Love, and Fulfillment and each of these emotional states are created by a chemical produced by our bodies. The performance story is the catalysis for the infection of these chemicals and you, the manager is the story teller.

That’s right, a chemical… and the best managers are experts in telling the story and creating the environment or circumstances that encourage the creation of these chemicals into the bloodstream of each direct-report. This is why top performing managers have teams full of either, pride, joy, love, or fulfillment and some team experience all four.

These are the four chemicals responsible for the awesome feelings of achievement your team works for:

Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin

But there is one chemical no manager wants present in the bloodstreams of their employees on a consistent basis.

Cortisol– cortisol is the feeling of stress and anxiety we see in workplaces all across the world. Cortisol is a stress hormone produced from cholesterol in the two adrenal glands located on the top of each kidney. It is normally released in response to events and circumstances such as exercising an acute stress, including work related stress.

Second, incorporate to right meeting strategy.  After you establish your performance story the next four keys to achieving the 3 R’s are the tools used to transform your words into action and results:

They are the One-On-One meeting, Feedback, Coaching, and Delegation. The most powerful of the next four is the One-On-One.

One-On-One – This is the single most powerful of the five secrets because to forms a powerful relationship between you and your direct-report. This is the most effective way for the manager to develop a true relationship with a direct-report. Their is no substitute more effective…period. The 3 R’s can not be sustained without relationship. This is one of the most underutilized power tools of management available to you right now and there is a right way to do it for maximum results. I will show you how.

Managers who have adopted the One-on-One with their direct-reports, as a priority meeting on a regularly scheduled basis, are best at maintaining productive attitudes, peak capability, and the most powerful form of effort called commitment effort versus mere compliance effort. Compliance effort is the one you are probably getting from your team right now. But now that you’re here I can help you jump start the solution with effective One-on-One’s.

Third, is Feedback, the key to never-ending-improvement toward peak performance and the goals set in the One-on-One. A steady stream of timely Feedback is the ultimate performance story clarifier. Few employees get enough Feedback from their boss. Your people are staving for the answer to the question “how am I doing?”.  If you don’t tell them they will make something up! The problem is most managers have never learned how to do it with real power and effectiveness. There is a better way. Feedback done by a pro manager continues to clarify the next step towards your direct-reports personal performance story and helps maintain momentum.

The story that put your people on the road to one or more of those four chemicals we talking about, endorphins, dopamine,  serotonin, and oxytocin. These chemicals are the gateway to the four emotions they are really working for pride, joy, love, or fulfillment. Your feedback continues to light their path.This is language hyper-focused on their future, an improved performance future, not the past.

Fourth, is Coaching, the keys to increased capability and confidence in attaining and maintaining one or more of the four emotional states.Your people need to feel they are improving and growing over time. Coaching is one of the best ways of ensuring they do. Avoiding this function is costly. But if you want your team to feel fulfilled coaching is the best strategy for any manager.

Fifth is Delegation where the increased capability from Coaching pays off. This is where you help your direct-report expand their capabilities, knowledge, and skill-set when it counts. This is the stage where your team beginning to grow before your eyes and it also shows up in your P/L.

All five of these keys lead to the chemical release your people are really working for. These chemicals are the things we are really working for to achieve the feeling of Pride, Joy, Love, and Fulfillment in our work.

The Company Story– The answer to the question “Why We Exist” extend this story with your direct-reports personal story

One-On-One –         To personalize the company productivity story to each direct-report

Feedback–                 To clarify and keep your direct-report on track with their productivity story

Coaching–                 To strengthen your employees’ capability and their story

Delegation–               To expand their productivity and personal story

There is one more chemical to be aware of. but this chemical you what to avoid as much as possible. It is the fight-or-flight chemical called Cortisol. This is the chemical out babies injecting out bloodstream when we are in a state of fear, anxiety or worry. It draining the brain of nutrients, stiffens the muscles, sets up your team for interpersonal-conflict. When cortisol is consistently present at high levels in your workplace expect productivity and creativity to decline, trust and collaboration to evaporate. Most of the time a steady stream of cortisol in the systems of your direct-reports is a direct result of poor leadership and management skill. The good news is you can fix this.

Stick with me and I will make sure you know exactly what to do to avoid this chemical.