Relationship with Authentic Intelligence Is The New Way To Cut Through

The most successful B2C and B2 brands in American today are beginning to realize that they can no longer thrive by just using media. They have come torecognize that their brand must stop being a user of media alone and become media itself and do it with a more authentic level of market intelligence. One of the smartest ways to become media and extend the brand is through podcasting.

And one of the most captivatingways to improve your market intelligence, so that you know how to authentically connect with the audience, is what I am about to show you in this webinar. The combination of podcasting and this new intelligence-gathering platform is game changing.

Let me show you how smart firms are allowing their customers to talk back to them in ways that reveal their deepest perceptions without losing control to social media. Add this feedback loop to the power of a podcast and you have a whole new power source for influence.

Your customer has no time to hear you or buy from you anymore

Our new economy and mercantile ecosystem have mandated the addition if platforms like podcasting. Consumers are time-staved and suffering from a severe attention-deficient disorder. The explosion of choice has peaked out ability to make them. The noise of options and the scarcity of time to make them had made the job of gaining and keeping customers unbelievably hard. They strategies and tactics that worked yesterday are increasingly obsolete today. They just don’t have to mental bandwidth to consider all the purchasing options available to them.

The average consumer devoted less than 28 minutes per day purchasing goods and services. That is a very small window of opportunity for you and your offer. This is what you need a new way of engaging your customers both for acquisition and retention. If your brand message is fortunate enough to get through the narrow 28-minute purchasing window your work is not done. They still need to build a relationship with the time-staved, distracted buyer. You only have small cracks of time available to slip into their world.

The smartest marketers are beginning to adopt new strategies ideal for addressing the challenges of consumer availability. There are four strategies being used and podcasting is one of the most powerful vehicles for executing them, Time-Slicing, Time Shifting, Links To Future Windows, and Captive Time. Of the four Time-Slicing and Time-Shifting are the most powerful with podcasting.

Even your busiest customer has time for you if you know how to unlock it

Even the busiest schedule is secretly riddled with slices of downtime. No matter how packed your day seems to be you have significant blocks of time when you mind is free for new information and your heart is open for bonding and affirmation. The commute to work and the half-hour treadmill appointment have become fertile ground for millions of podcast subscribers. The podcast has become the perfect Time-Slicing vehicle for the time-starved consumer where the consumption of their favorite show can be shifted to their convenience. Now the consumer becomes a captive audience again for the podcast messenger in ways they have not had in a long time.

This is why the podcast has become such a powerful marketing weapon for forward-thinking brands that decided to become media and keep up with the customer.

One of the other benefits of the podcast for business is its ability to humanize the brand. We are in what many marketing experts call the relationship era of marketing.  It is the next generation from the explosion of customer relationship marketing (CRM) where systematic information distribution was the craze. Now marketers realize a two-way conversation is a must. They also realize a keen sense of customer intelligence, knowing the customer at a deep level, is crucial.

This is why we recommend two strategic moves, 1.) if you do not have a podcast solution, launch your show asap. 2.) make sure you incorporate the new way to capture your customer’s opinions, aspirations, and fears about your product or service at digital speed and in real-time. Gone are the day where a couple of focus groups a year or periodic surveys alone will do it. That is like driving your business by looking in the rearview mirror. The marketplace moves too fast for yesterday’s methods.

There is a better way to know what your customer is thinking now.

And Podcast will let you authentically respond.

There is a better way smart companies, organizations, and membership groups are beginning to use with and without a podcast that ensures they have a level of consumer intelligence superior to their competitors and for less than traditional focus group testing, online surveys, and social media.

Sign up for me free webinar and I will tell you what they are doing and how you can do it too:

With superior knowledge of what your customers, audiences, or members think and feel is the key to a more authentic message and relationship. A podcast is the perfect Time-Slicing/Time-Shifting solutions for staying connected and knowing what to say once you are connected.  But having the ideal way for them to talk back is the way of the future and today.

Let me know you how to get that done in a way no one else has.

A podcast will allow you to stay in your customer’s or member’s ear while what I am about to show you will allow you to get and stay in their head.