What Media Has Become: Media’s New Reality To All Business

Your Brand Must Become Media To Be An Effective Marketer…

But With What Message?

Smart brands are thinking and acting in three dimensions as media, Paid, Owned, and Earned. The most powerful of the three is Earned. It is the most credible form of media today as a result of an increasingly distrusting customer base. Only the most authentic voices functioning as media are able to harness its true power.

Authenticity is the life’s blood of credibility. Credibility is driven by reputation. And reputation by word-of-mouth from perfect strangers is the new customer currency. Marketers now turn to social media for product launches with figures crossed in a low-trust marketplace. Social media is now a more popular launch marketing medium than PR/press, television, and direct mail. They gain speed to market but give up control in the process.

Consumers are driving changes to the Radio and TV landscape through streaming, binge listening and viewing, time-shifting, social sharing, and creating and sharing their own content packages. In addition, advances in technology, content production, and the conversational economy have transformed the process of consumer choice.

The question is what have you done to keep up with these challenges?  If you would like to know how smart marketers are beginning to address the problem then join me on my webinar to find how they are doing it.

You will learn how they engage the connected consumer and maintain proprietary control of the results. Real-time market intelligence is the key to success in the midst of today’s media transformation.

This is why your approach to business intelligence must move as fast as social and faster than your new product launch cycles and campaigns. Once a messaging or product misstep is made within the ecosystem of social networks its hard, if not impossible, to take it back. You need to be in lock step with your customer’s belief system from day one if you want your message to resound with authenticity.

These are the tools you must use correctly to be perceived as authentic.

Products are being conceived, built and launched much more rapidly than ever, all driven by big data.And even big data alone is not enough. You have to have a continuous flow of qualitative data in all three dimensions that data requires to be effective. The dimensions ofVarietyVelocity, and Volumeare vital in order to know your customer or audiences with pinpoint accuracy.You must be able to speak to them with a truly authentic voice.

Until now the number one method for qualitative research has been the traditional focus group.

Focus group testing has stood the test of time, competition, and technology because if the following three benefits:

Focus groups


  1. Hear feedback from your customer’s, audience’s, or member’sin their own words and voices.
  1. Uncover ideas and issues that your internal team may not have considered but are important to your customer.
  1. Have the flexibility to dive deeper into issues that come up during the discussion.

But there are significant issues with focus group testing that you are likely to encounter:


  1. Incur significant expenses including but not limited to recruiting, facility, rental, moderator and/or agency fees, compensation for participation, travel to multiple locations to review groups.
  1. Receive skewed results due to outspoken participants who dominate group discussion.
  1. Have difficulty recruiting qualified disciplines due to the time commitment involved.
  1. Invest significant time and effort planning, organizing, recruiting, and (potentially) traveling.

Are you in control of your message and your reputation?

The Good News Is There Is A New Way To Capture This Collaborative Intelligence

Word-of-mouth is the number one driver of your reputation. Traditional focus groups can’t keep up.

Focus group testing is the number one form of business intel but you are about to learn the new approach to capturing the authentic voice of your customers, audiences, or members.

Technology and consumer habits require a more innovative approach to focus group execution. Without this new strategy, your understanding of your customers will remain behind the curve.

I am about to show you why the convergence of three most powerful marketing forces today require a next-generation approach to business intelligence. These forces are social, video, and mobile.

You are about to learn more about the proprietary social and research platformused by smart marketers that give them a competitive advantage. It allows brands to embracethe community and get one-on-one customer feedback with control, speed, and confidentiality.

Sign up for my webinar and learn what smart firms are doing now to learn more, faster, and cheaper than any other method.

The New Way To Know Your Customer Authentically So You Can Speak Authentically

To Speak To Your Customer Authentically You Must Be Listening Authentically

In my webinar, I will show you the cutting edge way smart companies, non-profit organizations, and media outlets are using to accelerate the Variety, Velocity, and Volume of their qualitative intelligence. This strategy will give you the power of traditional focus group testing without any of the downsides we just discussed.

You will want to know this because qualitative research methods are continually evolving, as patterns and styles of human interaction and communication change. This is why I am bringing this strategy to you now.

What you need today is the clarity of face-to-face communication in real-time, with the convenience of telephone surveys, and the efficiency of an online exchange.You will be able to achieve all of this at a fraction of the cost of traditional focus group testing.

That’s a huge claim and I will back it up.

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