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I’m a Star-maker. I love taking your brilliance and making sure it actually becomes what its was gifted to you to be…brilliant. That is what a star is. He or she brightens every room she enters. Whither its filled with employees, customers or clients, the fervent need for illumination is their one common denominator.

I will show you how to transform your mission, your message, your expertise into starpower status with those that truly need you, even if you never thought stardom in your industry or business niche was within your reach. This isn't about ego or fame, it's about cutting through to the deepest desires of the people you depend on for your success. I will show you how to expand your tribe. How to radiant a level of leadership that brightens every room you enter verses every room you leave. You probably know so-called leaders that do the latter, but you won’t be one of them.You will be able to soften the hearts and harden the resolve of your ideal customer to follow you. Soon your message will become the one that is received and believed by everyone that counts over all the noise. Yes, my mission is about effective marketing and management in a world racing to singularity with its hair on fire. Their a new rules for the two most important pillars of a thriving business, management and marketing. If you are like most businesses, at least, one of these two plates isn't spinning like it should. Usually, it's both. We solve that problem.


Who It’s For

You want to be a high-performance leader, manager, expert, or expert brand in you field? Then you are in the right place. Every leader or leader-in-waiting must have the capability to export their brand of influence to an uncertain, confused and distrusting audience with power.

You must be able to cut through to them at will, with a level confidence that shouts ROI to every stakeholder. If you got this far it seems like you're serious so let's go on. We are for you, the business owner or team leader that knows the game you play has all new rules and no one handed you the new rule book. Despite the new headwinds, you are committed to figuring it out. You really want to become a "new rules" expert in the export of certainty to the staff and customers that need it most. You just need the new roadmap to ensure your success. Today’s entrepreneur or corporate manager has a team of follows screaming to be lead out of the dark. We make sure you are their light.


Why This Now

I’m sure you’ve noticed the power of authority and credibility are at an all-time low everywhere you look. The pillars of authority of the past have been reduced to pillars of salt. It is harder to gain trust and lead than every before…and it is only going to get worse.

Attention spans of those your must reach are microscopic. Available time to engage customers and staff has been cut to a sliver and core values have been dropped into a mosh pit of confusion. Expert brands have the improbable task of breaking through the noise of their marketplace to gain meaningful connection and sustained ROI or become irrelevant. Whether your audience is internal as a manager or external as a marketer it is tougher than ever to herd all the cats. Yesterday’s tried-and-true tactics of managing your team and marketing to your audience are dead-on-arrival. They just don't work like they use to. I'm sure you have known that for a while and the clock is still ticking. You need answers now. To cut through today’s noise, you must be seen at having star-power status with your followers or audiences alike or be lost in the noise…and hope you survive a competitive storm that has no end. The good news is you’re here now and survival is no longer an option. There is a new roadmap and our mission is to share it with you now.


Why It Works

We have paid the price to know what your audience and would-be follows are starving for. We will show you how to gain celebrity status with your customer and your team.

Trust me, we will redefine celebrity status for you too. Just being good isn't good enough anymore. Everyone wants to follow a star. A guiding light out of the fog. It’s in our DNA to follow the brightest light and the most authoritative voice available. Great leaders know this. You will want to be this. This website and our training programs will show you how to be the brightest light in the room with your voice that finally cuts through.


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Why Your Brand Needs Star-Power Now
Why Business Leaders & Managers Need Star-Power Now

Zemira Jones

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