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Mati  Pitkanen, BMC Software   

Senior DirectorWorldwide, Solutions Marketing

“Zemira helped me develop the unique ability to effectively communicate across all personality types on my team. Gaining this knowledge is worth the consulting fee alone. The time I  worked with Zemira he had a bigger impact on my professional and personal career than any other coaching experience.”

Andy Rosen

President, Hawaii  Summit Media Corporation

“I LOVED working for Zemira.  He is excellent at knowing how to work with veteran and top talent.  Too often corporate types do not understand the real challenges that face. He will should you how to deal with seemily unrealistic expectations. He did for me. So far, he is the best leader I have worked with. If you manage the Zemira way your team will know you genuinely care.  There are three major benefits about being coached by Zemira. Smart, he knows what you need right away. Experienced, what he teaches is proven to work; I’m proof. Relatable, you can count on what you will get from Zemira.  I would highly recommend Zemira as a management consultant. ABSOLUTELY!!!! Any organization would benefit greatly utilizing the talents Zemira possesses. If you have a chance to work with Zemira, do it!”

Did you know 80 percent of leaders and front-line managers fail at their jobs? Here is how to ensure you will never be one of them.The Manager Rescue Training Program will show you how to break the cycle. Managers in positions like yours constantly struggle with team members with the insufficient capability to execute fundamental tasks or have weak interpersonal skills. In short, the team just doesn’t get the job done. Managers just don’t know how to communicate with their under-performing direct-reports in a way that ensures peak performance. Manager Rescue will show you how top managers get it done on purpose.

You will learn the secrets of top managers in the world like:

✔ How to gain a can-do attitude from every team member.
✔ How to increase performance capability to exceed goals.
✔ How to develop peak commitment-effort from your entire team.

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