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Hi, I’m Zemira Jones. I believe in making a difference you can count.  I do it by helping important like you be the best possible leader you ca be. I do it by helping you develop the best possible team you can have. I will give you the formula that the best managers in the world use.

When I work with you, I am intentional in my work. My purpose in your business life is to ensure you and your team achieve very specific goals.

I will seek out and gain an understanding of the real reason I am there.

I value our relationship and will make your success personal. This is the reason why I get so many testimonials like the examples you see below.

I will make sense of what is going on in your world, your team and your business, where I often understand you better than you suspect  and solve the thorny issues that get in your way…it’s what I do best.

I will help you see new opportunities in the things you focus on most. You will develop new skills to manage and lead on purpose.

There are many that learned how to assist you just from business books and lectures. I have the business jargon down but that won’t should up in your performance or P/L. But you already know that, right? What I will teach you well solve your problem because I’ve done it….over and over.

I am a management consultant and marketing, I help you solve the thorny issues that keep you from being at your best as a leader and influencer. If that sounds like someone you want in your world for results that last, then let’s get connected!

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Vice President Business Development, Tribune Content Agency

I learned how to instill confidence in my team. I became more successful than I ever thought possible. I have earned more money than I ever expected. I am grateful to Zemira Jones for seeing the qualities in me that I wasn’t even aware of, and for helping me to develop those qualities towards becoming the successful business woman I am today. My success stemmed from the fact that he helped me visualize the path I needed to take with my team in order to achieve success.

Mati Pitkanen, BMC Software

Senior Director Worldwide, Solutions Marketing

“When I first started working with Zemira Jones as my management consultant I felt that I needed a way to find better support from senior management – both financial and other resources. The gains achieved through working with Zemira were felt by my peers as well as my family. I would recommend that anyone who hires a management consultant speak to him first. The time I worked with Zemira he had a bigger impact on my professional and personal career than any other coaching experience. The impact has been significant and broad.”

Andy Rosen

President, Hawaii Summit Media Corporation

I would highly recommend Zemira as a management consultant. There are three major benefits about being coached by Zemira? Smart, he knows what you need right away. Experienced, what he teaches is proven to work; I’m proof. I would highly recommend Zemira as a management consultant? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Any organization would benefit greatly utilizing the talents Zemira possesses. If you have a chance to work with Zemira, do it!

Janice Ockershausen

President at Best Bark Communications

I found confidence in my abilities that Zemira saw in me that I didn’t see in myself. He believed in me and told me so. He knows what it takes to reach each person on a staff and make them a better team. He knows how to teach us the skills we needed and point us all in the same direction, from the most senior performer to the junior person on the team. He is authentic and knows management inside and out. I was able to achieve top biller status for over 18 years because of the skills and discipline I learned from him. I am still today asking for advice and seeking wisdom.

Chris Forgy

President/General Manager

Columbus Radio Group

I have been told by contemporaries and my supervisors that my leadership abilities and how I manage myself and my team is so much better after working with Zemira. Now I have an uncompromising confidence in my approach to growing my employees as well as my system for success. Zemira helped transform my business life as a coach and a leader. He is singularly responsible for a great deal of my leadership success.

I would absolutely recommend Zemira Jones as a game-changing management consultant.

Frank Woodbeck

Executive Director, Nevada College Collaborative at Nevada System of Higher Education

I now have the privilege of writing a brief recommendation for Zemira Jones. Zemira is without question one of the most creative and innovative leaders in our business. I’ve sought the opportunity to work with Zemira directly because of his ability to be the type of manager or co-leader whom I could depend on to add dimension to projects on which we collaborated.

George Pine

President/C.E.O.,Sun Over Jupiter

I have known and worked with Zemira Jones for 25+ years. He is a visionary, a creative thinker, and an inspiring Leader. He is a strategist and high achiever. Zemira Jones engages his Team with high standards, achievable expectations and key reward recognition systems.

Pierre Bouvard

Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus Media | Westwood One

I have known and worked with Zemira Jones for 25+ years.He is a visionary, a creative thinker, and an inspiring Leader. He is a strategist and high achiever.. Zemira Jones engages his Team with high standards, achievable expectations and key reward recognition systems.

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