The Spoken Word is the single most powerful tool for any managers or leader. Words allow your employees visualize how good they will feel and what they will gain when they met the company’s expectations. It is the story they play in their heads over and over again while they work. One word or phase can start their story to play in their head.

Managers Need To Embrace Spoken Word Mastery As A Priority 

If you have attending any communications based lecture or speech in the past decade you are likely to have heard the famous 7%-38%-55% rule quoted that states that only 7% of all communication comes from your words versus over 93% that is a result of your tone and body language. Unfortunately, this claim is grossly misleading. The fact is the way most speaker quote this rule is incorrect.

Even the author of the study cringes when he heard a speaker misquote his seminal work.  Albert Mehrabian, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA, who is responsible for the famous verbal and nonverbal messaging study, tells us his work is solely focused on the measurement of feels and attitudes and not the much broader scope of interpersonal communication. In short, your words have a much more powerful impact on its receiver than 7% and is the single most impactful variable in how you relate to your workforce and how they perform for you. Did any of us need to see or heard the tone of President Lincoln in order to feel the power of the Gettysburg Address? I think not. Word are a powerful two edge sword.

Some of the highest paid marketers and influencers in the world are copy writers, script writers and orators because words move people. Managers often miss this fact of human influence and assume that the money they pay their people and the position power they hold over them should be sufficient for motivation, inspiration and performance. This is a huge mistake. Words breath life or death into your people, their performance and your P/L.

There is an insightful Proverb that understates the power of your words and how they directly affect your bottom-line. It states“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof”. Proverbs 18:21